Scott Prephan

Scott Prephan is an accomplished real estate investor and business development executive with significant international experience.

scottprephan-headshotA business owner and entrepreneur with a rapidly expanding presence in China, Scott Prephan  has spearheaded the largest shift in real estate investing in modern history. He specializes in pairing foreign investors with premium opportunities and managing superior real estate investment portfolios for his partners.

Scott’s passion for connecting investors and sellers across international borders has resulted in transactions that total in the hundreds of millions of dollars in the past five years alone. Given his comfort operating in today’s globalized economy, Scott Prephan has earned a solid reputation for his deftness as a facilitator for Asian and European-based business ventures to responsibly grow their portfolios in the United States.

Since transitioning into real estate investment in 1990, Scott Prephan’s leadership has delivered multiple new businesses to enter Northwest Ohio, Southeast Michigan, and more. His work continues to bring in millions of dollars in direct foreign investments for both commercial and residential development projects. As Scott’s professional network and resources increase, so too do opportunities for entry into premium destination markets like Philadelphia, Seattle, southern Florida, and Las Vegas. He continues to leverage his partnerships across the country to secure the most attractive growth opportunities for real estate investors both domestically and abroad.

Scott Prephan’s business ventures include some of the fastest growing international real estate firms in their regions, often representing tens of millions of dollars in transactions. He has offices in Naples, FL, Marblehead, OH, Perrysburg, OH, and Shanghai, China. His expertise allows Scott to successfully anticipate the needs of his investors and predict market trends so that he has become an essential partner for a variety of high-profile clients interested in growing their portfolios in the United States. Scott’s network of brokers, investors, and real estate developers provide unparalleled access to premium properties poised for stable, long-term growth and profitability.

Scott Prephan began his career serving in the audit and management consulting arms of industry leader Ernst & Young, one of the world’s largest professional services firms. Scott completed his education at Bowling Green State University, where he earned degrees in both Accounting and Information Management Systems.

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Outside of the office, Scott Prephan is passionate about community building and philanthropy. He is a longtime member of Rotary International and is unwavering in his commitment to improving lives both locally and around the world.

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